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1.    This website is the official website of Hong Kong Takung Assets & Equity of Artworks Exchange Co. Ltd. (aka Takung AE). This trade institute provides users a selection of digital services. The ownership and operation of each digital service belong to Hong Kong Takung Assets & Equity of Artworks Exchange Co. Ltd.

2.    Takung AE may inform its users aperiodically of art market trends, statistics, new products, other information and statistics via email, SMS and other such means. Art and business news updates and push notifications featured on this website, ar merely objective facts and are NOT to be taken as investment advice.

3.    The people contained on this website provide their information via digital means (including data tables) and are in no way related to the parters or employees of this company. We are not responsible for censorship, editing or monitoring of material submitted to the website, nor are we responsible for data that has not been approved by Takung AE.

4.    This website has some documents and data that may contain a hyperlink to external sites assumes no responsibility for these websites’ content nor whether or not users can be successfully redirected to said websites. These hyperlinks do not represent a partnership or relationship with Takung AE.

5.    Any information published regarding this company or website should concur with the content of this site. Takung AE will not be held responsible for information about our company or website obtained via links, downloads or other channels. Takung assumes no responsibility for loss or damage to any of the accuracy, reliability, practicality, browser accessibility or completeness of content (whether it be in agreement or a breech of contract) and makes no pledge, guarantee, promise or statement, be it implicit or explicit.

6.    Takung AE does not guarantee that this website is completely without fault, and makes no promise that the website services will not operate without interruptions or disturbances. When sending information through the internet, disturbances or errors may occur due to busy networks, messages may fail to send due to public use or other reasons.

7.    Users should use this website appropriately, abiding by the relevant laws and the site’s own terms and conditions and be responsible for any information they publish here. Should any illegal actions from one user lead to damages to another user or 3rd Party, Takung AE shall not assume any responsibility for the consequences.

8.    Any data or documents acquired from this website are copyrighted and may belong to Takung AE, the author or any other personage, it depends on the circumstances. Without the permission from said person, nobody has the right to download, publish, use or link the aforementioned content.

9.    Should You continue to use this site, You unconditionally accept all of the above terms and conditions and understand that Takung AE may at anytime and without prior notice make amendments and additions to this content. Please, check regularly for such amendments and additions to this declaration.

10.  The content of this declaration does not constitute and should not be regarded as the surrender of Takung AE’s exclusive privileges or immunity rights nor does it stand as a limitation to the above rights.