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TakungArt cooperates with top Chinese dating site Baihe

TakungArt, an e-commerce artwork platform and, a top Chinese dating site joins hand to launch a promotion activity with limited-edition artwork.  As the first of its kind run by TakungArt, this dedicated activity encourages love couples to use artwork to express their love.

TakungArt has selected the original artworks and their derivatives created by three outstanding artists, including calligraphy, oil painting and digital print, to recommend artwork for the three love scenarios of dating, courting and proposal.  Users of can show their affections to their loved ones through purchasing original artworks as gifts to bring the freshness of artworks to their relationship in the hot summer.


TakungArt endeavors to create a close connection between artwork and public demand through a wide variety of scenarios to integrate artwork into the daily life of the general public.