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TakungArt presents outstanding works for 2018 summer sale

TakungArt has selected outstanding works of its contract artists on the platform for presentation to the public.


After the Young Artists Exhibition “When Art Knocks on the Door” was held in Hong Kong in early June, e-commerce artwork platform TakungArt has caught the limelight of art enthusiasts in Hong Kong and the world.  Other than the landscape and techniques in the works, the collectors and consumer groups were more focused on the background and spiritual aspect of paintings and the features of life brought to the family by the works.  TakungArt has specially selected 29 paintings among several thousands of works on the platform to present the outstanding works in 2018 summer and share with the community the charm of art in life.


Artist: Wang Chuan

A painter



《A life buoy on tree》

40x1250px/oil on canvas/unframed



《Sleeping for a day》

30x1000px/oil on canvas/unframed



《Grey table》

40x1000px/oil on canvas/unframed



《Not a single leaf talking》

40x1000px/oil on canvas/unframed



《A junction frequently strolling past》

30x1000px/oil on canvas/unframed



《A Tuesday afternoon》

40x1250px/oil on canvas/unframed



Artist: suona

Born in Yueyang, Hunan in 1992, working and living in Nanjing



《Succulent plant series》

20x500px/oil on canvas/unframed



《Succulent plant 9》

30x750px/oil on canvas/unframed



《Succulent plant 3》

93x2325px/oil on canvas/unframed



《Succulent plant 2》

55x1375px/oil on canvas/unframed



《Succulent plant 1》

120x3000px/oil on canvas/unframed



Artist: Huang Huan

Delineative painting



《Sunny Day》

37×875px/Xuan paper/unframed



《A Big World No.4》

50×925px/Rong Bao Zhai Xuan paper/unframed



《A Big World No. 2》

42×42/Bast paper/unframed



Artist: maomao Vanessa

Passionate about art and life, hoping to do something no one else has done.




40x50/woodblock print/unframed




40x50/woodblock print/unframed




40x50/woodblock print/unframed



《ROOM_ _》

20x750px/woodblock print/unframed



Artist: Chang Pu

Born in Beijing in 1990, painter of China New Ink Art Academy, doctorate degree candidate of Chinese National Academy of Arts




35x1750px/collection grade/framed



《Trivial first love》

46x1150px/collection grade/framed



《Suite No.1》

60x1500px/collection grade paper/framed



Artist: Yang Tutu

Oh, you are also here



《A worried woman sitting in front of a window》

30x975px/woodblock print/unframed



《A plate of cherries》

40x1250px/oil on canvas/unframed



《An unhappy person》

40x1250px/oil on canvas/unframed



《Holding hands》

40x50/oil on canvas/unframed



《Despina at sunset》

80x1600px/oil on canvas/unframed



Artist: sen

Born in Guangdong, graduated from Guangdong University of Education in 2011, a member of Guangdong Artists Association, living in Guangzhou.




30×1000px/oil on canvas/unframed




20×500px/oil on canvas/unframed



《Prosperity on the edge 7》

50×1750px/oil on canvas/unframed



If you like any of them, you can purchase them by logging in to

If you wish to put outstanding works on the platform for sale, please obtain the artist residence guide through “TakungArt” WeChat account by replying “I want to be a resident artist”.