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TakungArt brings original artworks into family life

Following the opening of the Young Artists Exhibition [YARD·MEET] - “When Art Knocks on the Door” in Hong Kong at SOHO YARD gallery in Central on June 2, TakungArt and the artists visited the Hong Kong families awarded with the five paintings with first-class awards to realize the concept of original artworks in family life and continue to promote the communication and exchange of living aesthetics between Hong Kong and mainland young artists.


The five Hong Kong families awarded with original artworks have their own characteristics: a family of four with two children, an art enthusiast frequents art galleries, an entrepreneur passionate about art creations, a fresh university graduate and a Dutch living in Hong Kong.  Despite the varying ages, backgrounds and living environments, they have the same habit, that is integrating art elements into daily life and expressing their living philosophy with art.    


Ringo has his own production studio, many of the home decorations are his works, he has a blissful family of four.  TakungArt has given him the watercolor painting “Hug” from Deng Ruixue, a current student from Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts.  In the painting process, the painter wished to depict resilient and pious human image and used delicate brushstrokes and girlish colors to record her experience.  She presented a story of youth and fantasy through the painting.

Ringo shares his artworks


At the interview, Ringo said he was a designer and provided services to artists.  He was interested in ceramics and carving and put his works at home.  He liked the gift painting “Hug” given by TakungArt.  The painter was young but skillful.  In appreciating the artwork, he could tell the efforts of the artist and perceive the ideological meaning of the work.

The Young Artists Exhibition in Hong Kong closed at June 8.  In future, TakungArt will take note of and promote the development of Hong Kong art market.