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Double.S joins Seed Partner Program

Hong Kong Double.S Cultural Development Limited entered into an agreement with Hong Kong Takung Art Company Limited at the exhibition hall of Takung Art on June 5.  After the signing of the agreement, Double.S has become the second offering agent of the Seed Partner Program, the “blue sapphire” cooperation program is officially introduced.  Guests at the signing ceremony included Xiao Di, general manager of Takung Art, Sun Tianbao and Song Shuxin, directors of Double.S, and Xu Nuo, CEO of Wuxi Wanhui Cultural Development Limited.


Double.S offers mainly blue sapphire from Changle, Weifang, the home of Chinese blue sapphire.  The azure sapphires sparkle with mysterious and dreamy colors, which are well received by the market.  The potential of the blue sapphire market is huge in terms of collection, investment, consumption and wedding. 


The products of Double.S are all listed on UNIT+ of real-time pickup model to fully integrate and reflect the nature of consumption, investment and collection of blue sapphires.  As of today, the three blue sapphires offered by Double.S have become the benchmarking artworks with good market performance. 


Since the introduction of the Seed Partner Program in May, the long-term incentive and all-round support policy has attracted the attention of new and existing offering agents.  Xiao Di, general manager of Takung Art, said that blue sapphire was of profound value, and hoped to assist Double.S to advance further not just in blue sapphire but also other sectors.


Double.S said, “With the new ideas of resource-based economic transformation and finance in support of physical resources, the Seed Partner Program of Takung Art could provide targeted and practical support as well as transmit gem culture and advocate quality life to grow Chinese blue sapphire sector to bring blue sapphire from Changle, China to the world.”


Takung Art also expects that the cooperation could pool the efforts and consolidate resources to enhance the market influence and appeal of Double.S, so that a quality and valuable trading category could be developed to increase the influence and competitiveness of blue sapphire.