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Young artists exhibition opens in Hong Kong

【Ta Kung Pao report】The Young Artists Exhibition “When Art Knocks on the Door” held at SOHO YARD gallery in Central, Hong Kong showcases 30 works of art from young artists.  The event aims to support young artists in China, promote the artistic and cultural exchanges between Hong Kong and the mainland, and bring original works of art to family life.  The young artists featured in this exhibition mainly come from professional art institutes in China.  Among more than a thousand pieces of works collected for the event, a total of 30 outstanding works are selected for exhibition in Hong Kong.  The exhibition ends at June 8 at 7 p.m.


▲ Some of the works with first-class awards


The opening ceremony of the event was held in the afternoon last Saturday.  To integrate art into public life, the organizer presented five artworks with first-class awards to five selected families in Hong Kong as gifts at the opening ceremony.  The presentation of artworks symbolizes the “opening of family door” and brings art to life. Artists present at the opening ceremony include Pei Chung, Qiyao 77, Li Jinwen, Liu Ting and Deng Ruixue. 


Five art gifts to Hong Kong families

The organizer’s representative Fu Zhong, general manager of e-commerce department of Hong Kong Takung Art Company Limited, said that from March this year, works of art have been collected from eight well-known art institutes in China (China Academy of Art, China Central Academy of Fine Arts, Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts, Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts, Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, Academy of Arts and Design, Tsinghua University and Nanjing University of the Arts) together with public collection of exhibits on new media platforms.  The works were selected after expert assessment and public voting.  Fu Zhong expected that Hong Kong viewers would have more understanding of young artists in China through this exhibition, the communication and exchange of art in the two places could then be promoted. 


▲ A painting presented to selected family as gift


The paintings displayed at this exhibition were not large in size.  As explained by Fu Zhong, the organizer learnt that Hong Kong families have developed a basic understanding of art but large painting was a concern to them.  The size has also become an issue in first-tier cities in the mainland such as Beijing and Shanghai.  In view of this, artists have selected an optimal size for their works.


Impromptu demonstration by artist

Pei Chung, a participating artist in Hong Kong, is an illustrator and tries to create his own works through incessant exploration.  He said that it was a challenge to him to take part in the exhibition.  He was happy that his ability had been recognized.  He was particularly good at watercolor painting.  With a hint of romance, his works present the fantasy of colors of decorative and artistic nature.  On the day of the opening ceremony, he gave an impromptu demonstration of painting a beautiful deer and the demonstration went live through online platform which had been acclaimed by viewers.


▲ Impromptu painting of a deer by artist Pei Chung


Officiating guests of the opening ceremony included Fu Zhong, general manager of e-commerce department of Hong Kong Takung Art Company Limited; Solomon Yung, deputy chairman of Hong Kong CPPCC Youth Association; Wang Qiutong, executive chairman of Chinese Ink Painting Institute Hong Kong; Leslie Chow, CFO of Hong Kong Takung Art Company Limited; Chole Suen, deputy chairman of Hong Kong Culture Association; Zhang Changshou, executive editor of contemporary art channel of Sina; Christopher Chan, principal, Hong Kong Academy of Fine Arts; and ink artist Chan Keng Tin.  The exhibition is hosted by TakungArt, an online trading platform of Hong Kong Takung Art Company Limited, and co-organized by Hong Kong CPPCC Youth Association, Hangzhou Yunchen Decoration and Design Company and Hangzhou Jiulingqi Culture and Creativity Company.  SOHO YARD gallery was located at G/F, No. 19 Old Bailey Street, Central.


▲ Group photo of guests at the gallery