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Takung Art holds art exhibition with young artist

The art exhibition, 100 Day Dreams——to the fools who dream, held by online artwork trader Takung Art with its young artist xinxin as well as a number of brands at Creative Park in Shanghai, opened on April 14, 2018.


The works of young artist xinxin reflect her endless exploration of the universe and her desire for the secrets of time.  The simple and pure black and white composition along with one to two patches of colors have created 100 day dreams in black and white, with joy, absurdity, a bit of horror and curiosity towards the world.  Takung Art advocates “bringing art to life”, other than the 100 paintings about dreams produced by artist xinxin, the exhibition also features the limited edition of artwork derivatives tailor made by the brands Artìdote and Random together with the artist.  The exhibition 100 Day Dreams—to the fools who dream, also sets up different mystical scenarios to create an art journey with fantasy.  Among which, the fanciful maze formed by 88 mirrors and designed by American Institute of Architects member Su Jie is the most attractive to exhibitors.

Photo of Takung Art head Fu Zhong and artist xinxin

Right: Jin Yucheng, Mao Dun Literature Award winner; Left: New Aesthetics Institution Workshop partner Zhou Rong


Interview with xinxin by Tongji University in Shanghai


Members of the public and art enthusiasts paid a visit to the exhibition on its opening day.  Guests attending the opening ceremony included Takung Art head Fu Zhong, Mao Dun Literature Award winner Jin Yucheng, New Aesthetics Institution Workshop partner Zhou Rong, Australia’s Nothing Studio design agency Creative Director NT, A.I.R. Architects MIAMI head Su Jie (designer of the mirror maze of the exhibition), Artìdote brand founder Huang Jiaqi, Hangzhou well-known design store Random, Mars, and Shanghai’s wow.


Takung Art is a professional e-commerce artwork platform dedicated to identifying and supporting young artists and providing a platform for outstanding artists and contemporary art for the intertwining of art and living.  During the exhibition, artist xinxin will hold art sharing session to share her thoughts behind the artistic works “100 day dreams” at the Creative Park.  This exhibition will run until mid-May and art enthusiasts are welcome to join.


Exhibition information:

100 Day Dreams——to the fools who dream

TIME  2018.4.14 Opening14:00-18:00

              2018.4.21 Sharing Session1500-1600


ADDRESSM50 Block 6 UNDEF/NE, No. 50 Mo Gan Shan Lu, Putuo District, Shanghai