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Takung Art introduces work base for young artists

Seven artists gathered at Guoda City Plaza in Hangzhou on 12 May to present the “re-creation” of art in different forms with seven “chestnut” figures of 1.5-meter high made of white embryo material. 

Event site


Takung Art participated in the “IP re-creation” event held in Guoda City Plaza in Hangzhou.  The final works of art “re-created” by the seven artists will be exhibited and available for charity sale, with all the sale proceeds going to Hangzhou Dishui Commonweal as donation.

Takung Art is an e-commerce artwork platform under Takung Art Company Limited (NYSE American: TKAT) dedicated to identifying and supporting young artists as well as providing a pioneering stage for contemporary art.  Takung Art offers affordable and original art to art enthusiasts and household aesthetics supporters.  The artists of Takung Art include Hong Kong famous illustrator Peichung, Hangzhou Chestnut IP Designer Qiyao 77 and other outstanding artists. 

Past activities of Takung Art


The event opening also marks the official launch of Seven Dimension Art Shop by Takung Art as the “base for young artists of Takung Art” to regularly organize exhibitions of the works of young artists and related charitable activities.

Plague unveiling ceremony of Hong Kong Takung Art Young Artists’ Work Base


The wall banner for this event was also displayed at the external wall of Guoda City Plaza.  The interesting “chestnut” figures have attracted passers-by and beautified the environment.  Guoda City Plaza is located at the urban hub of the city, its wall banner space has always been the talking point and highly sought after by businesses.  Joining hands with Seven Dimension Art Shop, Takung Art brings visual and artistic enjoyment to the city. 

Takung Art is going to hold the Exhibition for Young Artists at Soho Yard in Hong Kong from 2 to 8 June.  Five selected works would be presented to Hong Kong families as gifts to gradually bring quality original art from China to Hong Kong and the world.