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New product launching ceremony by Zhongyi Culture

The launching ceremony for a ceramic work (code: 40003) hosted by Hong Kong Takung Art Company Limited and co-organized by Guangdong Hongyao Culture Limited and Hong Kong Zhongyi Cultural Management Investment Company Limited took place in Guangzhou on May 13, 2018.  The attending guests included Takung Art General Manager Xiao Di, Hong Kong Zhongyi Company Chairman Yu Jianming and Guangdong Hongyao Culture Limited Chairman Xu Zequn.  More than 100 participants also joined the launching ceremony, including the agents of the companies and attendees from the banking industry and the fund market to witness the product launch. 


At the launching ceremony, Takung Art General Manager Xiao Di first delivered a speech and shared the progress of development of Takung Art, and expressed gratitude to the guests who attended the ceremony on Mother’s Day.  Mr Yu from Hong Kong Zhongyi Company also addressed the event by presenting the idea of integrating and promoting traditional Chinese culture and western culture in Hong Kong. 


The new ceramic to be offered on Takung Art was the work of Pan Fenlin, Chinese ceramic artist and chairman of Foshan Arts and Crafts Association.  His ceramic works are unique and themed on insects to record the beauty of living creatures in the nature.  The ceramic style he created blends the rich colors of the nature into his works, encompassing traditional texture and colorful elements to enrich his works.  The insects in his artwork reflect the beauty of mind and style and express the competition, struggle, friendship and love in the world of nature, manifesting both the heart and the nature and presenting strong affection.  On the day of the event, Master Pan was present to give an analysis of the investment value of the artwork to the attendees.


Subsequently, Zhang Jianhua, financial expert of Guangdong Hongyao Culture Limited and president of a financial institute in China, introduced the background of his work and the future market trend in an objective and professional manner.  His expert analysis presents a clear market trend to the attendees and advises them how to grasp the opportunity.  The guests had gained an insight from his analysis and the agents had increasing confidence and determination in the cooperation. 


The ceremony for insect ceramic work (code: 40003) was held with the witness of the attending guests.  With the concerted efforts of the three parties, new era, new ideas and new thinking will bring about a new future and new achievements to ceramic artworks.