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Jiutu Culture holds painting and calligraphy appreciation event

Hong Kong Jiutu Cultural Development Co., Limited (Jiutu Culture), an outstanding offering agent of Takung Art, held a number of painting and calligraphy appreciation sessions in Shenzhen to serve as a bridge between the Painting and Calligraphy Festival and the financial market, showcase Chinese culture to the world and accelerate the innovation and development of art. 


In the series of activities for the art appreciation session, Jiutu Culture exhibited the artistic treasures of famous artists, and invited experts to give a detailed analysis of the collection and investment values of the artworks to the guests, which the attendees found it useful. 

At the event, the heads of Jiutu Culture, and the working partners of Jiutu Culture in China discussed the future development of Chinese art and stayed optimistic towards mutual benefits through cooperation.  A number of agents entered into formal cooperation with Jiutu Culture on the spot to jointly contribute to the success of Takung Art as a superb artwork exchange platform. 

Jiutu Culture is a first-rate offering agent of Takung Art, and both parties can achieve complementarity and mutual benefits.  It is hoped that Jiutu Culture could continue to organize the appreciation sessions and become more influential in the industry for better preservation, innovation and development of Chinese culture.