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Takung Art establishes strategic cooperation with CAA Ceramic Art Committee

The signing ceremony for strategic cooperation between Hong Kong Takung Art Company Limited and China Art Association (CAA) Ceramic Art Committee was held at the exhibition hall of Takung Art on January 30.  CAA Ceramic Art Committee Chairman Peng Tao, guests of Takung’s working partner Mandarin DG (HK) Cultural Diffusion Limited and four ceramic masters, namely Jingdezhen Ceramic Designers Association Chairman Guo Wenlian, China’s ceramic master Shu Huijuan, Jiangxi Province senior craftsman Zhong Qibao and Jingdezhen young ceramic artist Xu Xiaoming have joined the event to witness this important moment. 


Strategic cooperation agreement signing ceremony

CAA Ceramic Art Committee, an affiliate of CAA, is responsible for the training, performances, meeting exchanges and large-scale activities in respect of ceramic art throughout the nation.  The organization, centered on the cradle of ceramics Jingdezhen in Jiangxi, China, provides professional services to the ceramic industry, including ceramic artists, craftsmen, appraisal companies, artwork brokerages, professional institutes, enterprises and financial organizations to create an influential platform for the Chinese ceramic industry under the belt and road cultural export policy initiative with the objective of upholding the core value of enhancing the cultural confidence of Chinese people and supported by the integration of artwork and finance, the integration of artwork and the Internet, artwork creations and artwork innovation.  Its comparative advantages on resources are well-known in the country.  After the signing ceremony, both parties will engage in in-depth cooperation in local and external exchanges of ceramic art, international art competitions and roving exhibitions. 


Ceramic art is an integral component of the Chinese artwork market, which is also an important part of artworks of Takung Art.  The strategic cooperation agreement paves the way for the enriching variety and prosperity of the Chinese ceramic art category on Takung’s platform. 


Live demonstration – overglaze decoration

At the ceremony, a number of ceramic wares were displayed at the exhibition hall of Takung Art, which are simple but pleasant-looking and highly acclaimed.  Artists Zhong Qibao and Xu Xiaoming have demonstrated overglaze decoration to the guests at the event. 


Ceramics are made directly from clay and signify the return to nature.  This form of art, encompassing modern and historical arts, begins from the birth of human beings and reflects the root of human life, which echoes with modern culture.  Through the appreciation of ceramic art, the connections between material and spiritual aspects of humans, life and art, as well as human and nature are shown, which are one of the reasons for the charisma and mystery of ceramics and an important reason for the prosperity of the ceramic art market.


Souvenir exchange

Clay refining forms part of China’s history in which valuable treasures for all time are passed on.  Ceramic art is an art nurtured in Chinese culture and the epitome of ethnic culture.  It is expected that ceramic art, as the pearl in Chinese history and culture, could scale new heights through the strategic cooperation and grow on Takung’s platform to break new ground for promoting the speedy, stable and healthy development of the ceramic art market and sustaining Chinese ceramic art.