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New strategic cooperation with 5U Sport

The strategic cooperation signing ceremony between Hong Kong Takung Art Company Limited and 5U Sport, sole agent of the world’s leading signed football memorabilia operator Icons in Greater China, was held in Hong Kong on 29 December.  This is the second strategic partner of Takung Art in sports memorabilia after its cooperation with the PNH Group.  Under the strategic cooperation, both parties will work together in the publicity, promotion and growth of sports culture, sports spirit, sports collectibles and exploration of their historical value with an expanding scope and depth over time. 


Signing ceremony venue


Icons, established in 1999, is the world’s oldest existing operator in signed memorabilia of football players, and a leading brand in the world’s signed football memorabilia that offers signed football products in limited edition, including signed shirts, boots and photos of football players in limited edition.  Product brands include the Icons range, licensed memorabilia range of the UEFA Champions League and licensed memorabilia range of FIFA World Cup, Official Messi Signed Merchandise, and so on.  The three core values of Icons are Official, Authentic and Exclusive.


 Industry leader status of Icons


In addition to Icons, 5U Sport is also working partner of Premier League, official product development partner of FC Barcelona and Manchester United, as well as the working partner of Real Madrid official fans club in China with abundant resources and huge potential in officially licensed sports products.

Art and sports could not be separated since ancient times.  Reflecting the real emotions of humans, sports encompass rich cultural elements, which become an important constituent of the cultural industry.  Under the background of advocacy and development of the sports industry, sports culture has become the foundation of the whole industry with broad market potential.

Icons signed product range


The business department of Takung Sports, a brand under Takung Art, is dedicated to the development to the flagship brand of cultural products, promotion of the unique value of sports culture and expansion of the range of cultural products.  In November, the first sports memorabilia portfolio “传奇八号” was listed on Takung Art with overwhelming response, which has laid a solid foundation for cooperation with other counterparties with competency in sports.  Through this meaningful cooperation with 5U Sport, quality cultural products from Icons are introduced to our platform, completely reflecting the integration of the sports spirit of both parties and coinciding with the principles upheld by Takung Sports, which focus on uncovering the cultural values of sports and resource integration, bringing about significant meaning to the cross-sectoral cooperation. 

5U Sport presented Northampton Town Football Club’s shirts and certificates to Takung Sports


2018 is the Year of the World Cup and provides a valuable opportunity to the sports industry.  The passion of football fans in China for the meaning of sports culture, sports events, and the World Cup indicates an unlimited opportunity for business development.  In the ensuing Year of the World Cup, both parties will join hands to introduce products of significant value at limited edition to disseminate the sports spirit of tenacity and excellence.  Takung Sports will continue to enrich its products and improve the sports trading platform to introduce a significant reform of the sports memorabilia industry.