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Strategic cooperation with China Cultural Heritage Foundation

Hong Kong Takung Art Company Limited has entered into strategic cooperation with China Cultural Heritage Foundation in Shenzhen during the public welfare activities organized for the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the Foundation.  Present at the contract signing ceremony were Geng Jing, Director of China Cultural Heritage Foundation, Xiao Di, General Manager of Takung Art and the representatives of both parties.

The Foundation was registered with the Ministry of Civil Affairs of the People’s Republic of China in 2007 under the competent authority of the Ministry of Culture of the PRC.  As a national public foundation with domestic and overseas funds, the Foundation is one of the social organizations for the discovery, study and protection of cultural heritage in China.  Since its establishment a decade ago, it has lived up to its objectives of “arousing public awareness and responsibility of protecting cultural heritage and coordinating with the government in deploying public manpower to restore and protect Chinese culture, historical relics, promote social development and economic development” in order to promote the cooperation and exchange in cultural heritage preservation both domestic and overseas and make tremendous contributions to the preservation and succession of Chinese cultural heritage.

This cooperation marks the long-term and solid partnership between Takung Art and the Foundation in promoting full cooperation in the preservation and succession of Chinese cultural heritage.  After the contract signing ceremony, both parties had a thorough discussion of the innovative realization, fresh display and new expression of the values of Chinese cultural heritage on the basis of the integration and new presence of the cultural resources of the Foundation and new models of spread of globalized culture.  Takung Art, the world’s first cultural exchange platform that is listed on the international capital market, gives play to the function of cultural promotion, which is well recognized by the Foundation.  The diversified business models and concepts of Takung Art will bring new blood to the rejuvenation, succession, protection and promotion of Chinese cultural heritage, while the Foundation will strengthen cooperation with Takung Art through a broad array of cultural products and a great cultural sphere to complement each other for mutual development and growth.

Looking forward, Hong Kong Takung Art Company Limited and China Cultural Heritage Foundation will join hands to develop new approaches and new methods for preserving cultural heritage, reinforce the principle of Geng Ying, President of the Foundation, implement the belt and road initiative of China, promote cultural protection and awareness, achieve the growth in the cultural industry by leaps and bounds and endeavor to build up a bridge for cultural communication to promote Chinese cultural heritage to the world.