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Takung Art Young Artists Recruitment Program

Takung Art, under which an e-commerce artwork platform is dedicated to identifying and supporting young artists, is now recruiting contract-based artists to fully encourage young artists to experience and express their lives and create effective communication between art, home and living.  Takung Art hopes to introduce the artwork of young artists to daily household life.  Through the power of art, there is further room for integrating aesthetics and imagination into family and life, which in turn stimulates and facilitates the emergence of new art concepts, practices and formats.

What is art? For Takung Art, art is a way of expression, artists always have the desire of time freeze.  For ordinary people, living means to face it, solve it and leave it.  For artists, it will mean to face it, face it, face it, face it again, observe it, draw it, sing it, compose it, write it, photo it, construct it and demonstrate it.  Similar to a pitch, the charm of artists is to turn reality into sparkling amber.  At home, we need a piece of “amber” of this kind, an art paradise, to guide us to feel and understand life.  This is the art concept advocated by Takung Art.

”Sweet Dreams in Painting Frames” – a cross-sector art exhibition of Takung Art and Asnug, well-known household brand in Shanghai on 16 December


       Takung Art will launch a series of promotion activities for contract-based artists on an individual basis, including promotion at new media, hot event planning, art website, offline activities and so on.  The “double quotes” art exhibition and Hangzhou Cultural & Creative Industry Expo have drawn young artists closer to the public.  In the near future, Takung Art will organize art exhibitions with Asnug, a well-known household brand in Shanghai, as well as a new household brand AND, to provide young artists with room for creativity in a more diversified manner through cross-sector art platforms. 


Non-exhaustive list of media partners

Takung Art hopes that the works of young artists could get out of the box to touch more on family and life, and to think over the impact of art on family and life, and expects that the young artists that join the program could become a member of the art “family” through the support of cultural exchange activities on the platform.



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