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Takung Art’s first sports product offered for sale

Steven Gerrard’s autographed limited edition jersey for the season finale(00008“传奇八号”)was presented by TAKUNG ART at its exhibition hall at Hutchison House, Hong Kong on 17 November.  The jersey, authorized by Liverpool FC and available limited quantity, was jointly released by Hong Kong Takung Art Company Limited and its strategic partner PNH Group exclusively sold under TAKUNG SPORTS, a brand under TAKUNG ART. 



HK Hydra Culture Sports Limited, the offering agent of the jersey, visited the exhibition held at TAKUNG ART.  Ta Kung Pao in Hong Kong was present to provide news coverage of the sports product which was unveiled to the public and the media for the first time.     




TAKUNG ART has been dedicated to exploring cultural and arts products all over the world that are suitable for online trading, while TAKUNG SPORTS, a brand under TAKUNG ART, focuses on the sports art industry by introducing special products from internationally well-known tournaments and organizations to further enrich the varieties of listed products at TAKUNG.  Sports art products reflect the gaming culture and unique sentiments.  To sports enthusiasts, sports art products of memorable significance and collection value represent incomparable cohesion, impressiveness, inspiration and attractiveness.  By introducing these products into the trading platform, TAKUNG ART opens up a new channel for passing on sports art products.



Offered at a limited quantity of 558 pieces, “传奇八号”is introduced to commemorate his return to the Liverpool as youth coach.  The jersey for Gerrard in 2015-2016 match season is selected to commemorate his last game in Anfield.  Each jersey comes with the e-signature of Gerrard, the certificate of authenticity from Liverpool FC and the unique product code, which increase its value as a collectible. 



In addition to Gerrard’s jersey, the autographed jerseys for current Liverpool captain and star footballer were also displayed at the exhibition hall to be available for sale in limited quantity on the e-commerce trading platform of Takung Art.  00008“传奇八号”is currently offered on the website of Takung Art for subscription on 24 November.  Takung Art will also introduce other products of special significance to cater for the preferences and needs of collectors and investors.