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Takung offering agents hold large-scale activities in Shenzhen and Beijing

Takung Art’s offering agents Jiutu Cultural Development Co. and Huatian Daozi (Hong Kong) Culture Industry Group held activities in Shenzhen and Beijing respectively on 28 October in active response to the policy support of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China for innovative development of the cultural industry.  The activities attracted the wide participation of a number of artists, collectors, investors and investment institutions to unveil a new wave in the culture and art market and create a new framework for industry development. 

In the activities held concurrently in the southern and northern parts of China, the focus is on Takung’s business model, trading model, policy support as well as the development and marketing plans of the offering agents.  The activity organizers also shared with the guests the business philosophy and development advantages of Takung in the cultural and art industry.


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With the growth of business scale of Takung, an increasing number of culture and art institutions have joined hands with Takung to grasp the opportunities and face up to the challenges brought by the innovative market.  As the world’s first online artwork trading platform that is listed on international capital market, Takung will capitalize on its strengths and provide support to offering agents and trader service organizations in operation, technology, promotion and training, fully explore and give play to the strengths of working partners to weave them into the world-class online artwork trading ecosystem.


The two activities of the offering agents are simply a beginning, Takung’s agents will hold large-scale activities in major cities throughout the nation to familiarize the public with the operating model of “Internet + finance” in artwork.  Takung will also work with agents to lay a foundation for the provision of business resources in the rapidly developing art industry to make contributions in promoting Chinese culture.