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Takung AE enters into strategic cooperation agreement with Huangshan Arts Association

A strategic cooperation signing ceremony was held by HongKong Takung Assets and Equity of Artworks Exchange (Takung AE) and Huangshan Arts Association on 16 July.  Huangshan Arts Association President Lu Jun, Takung AE General Manager Xiao Di and representatives of both parties witnessed this historic moment. 

In the brief but solemn ceremony, Takung AE and Huangshan Arts Association entered into a strategic cooperation agreement and conducted a business meeting.  Xiao Di, General Manager of Takung AE, said that the principles of mutual support, complementary advantages and resource sharing will be given fully play to bring Hui carvings out of China and head for the world.  Huangshan Arts Association also expressed its expectations of the platform of Takung AE, and its good intention of working hand in hand for mutual rewards in their cooperation.

Incorporated on October 26, 2006, Huangshan Arts Association currently has some 200 members that master comprehensive carving techniques of more than ten categories, including Hui wood carving, Hui stone carving, Hui brick carving, Hui root carving, Hui ink stone carving, Hui bamboo carving, Hui lacquerware, Hui wickerwork and Wan’an compass.  Supported by a strong foundation of traditional techniques, it endeavors to facilitate world understanding of Huangshan, Huizhou, Hui style carvings and carving artists as well as promote Hui culture.  As the world’s first online trading platform that gains access to the international capital market, Takung AE spares no efforts in exploring new channels for the promotion of Chinese culture through creating a platform with a number of trading models including TAKUNG UNIT, TAKUNG ONLINE, TAKUNG EXHIBITION for showcasing and trading cultural artworks of world significance.  The business scope and development concepts of both parties coincide with each other, their respective advantages could be best integrated to maximize global significance of traditional Chinese culture.

Through long-term and sustainable strategic partnership, Takung AE will work with Huangshan Arts Association in the art arena for promoting the universalization of cultural heritage, cultural knowledge and art and craft and manifesting the charms of “traditional Huizhou, new Huangshan” globally.