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Excellent painting and calligraphy

Takung AE grandly held the sixth communication forum for certified service institutions

-- art exhibition of Takung online signed artists


The charming West Lake and the elegant art salon attract guests from all parts of the world. In the summer of Hangzhou, Takung AE gathered together with representatives of trader service institutions and artwork offering agents from all over China, as well as guests in the field of art, to attend the sixth communication forum for certified service institutions, and participate in the art exhibition of Takung online signed artists. In a place so picturesque and poetic, we appreciated the charm of art, and looked into the brilliance of future.



At the communication forum, Takung AE exchanged ideas with the guests on the topic of “Takung online”, and had in-depth discussions with the guests on various aspects such as development process and business plans of Takung AE, and trader service institutions business, etc, which presented the latest moves and the corporate image of Takung AE from multiple aspects and directions.



In addition, guests were invited to the art exhibition of Takung online signed artists. In this exhibition, the paintings were all created by Takung online signed artists. Works on display were mainly ink paintings, oil paintings and engravings. The style of the works may be elegant, vivid, unique or natural, filling the exhibition with rich artistic atmosphere.



“Art without borders” is not only a saying that serves as an ideological guidance to people of different regions to exchange culture and art, but also the development philosophy of Takung AE. Takung AE will continue to introduce various forms for exchange and artistic expression, for more opportunities and a brighter future in the elegance of artworks. Takung AE will spare no effort to introduce the most forward-looking and the most popular techniques and ideas into the fields of culture and art, to build a comprehensive platform for exchange appropriate for works of different participation demands and of different types, and to bring the public into the palace of art through more specialized, diversified and internationalized modes of operation.