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  • 2018

    January 2018

    Entered into strategic cooperation with China Art Association (CAA) Ceramic Art Committee

    April 2018

    “100 Day Dreams” Young Artist Painting Exhibition held

    May 2018

    Official launch of Seed Partner Program

    May 2018

    Takung Art introduces work base for young artists

    June 2018

    Young Artists Exhibition “When Art Knocks on the Door” held in Hong Kong

  • 2017

    March 2017

    Listed on NYSE MKT (NYSE American: TKAT)

    June 2017

    NYSE listing celebration cum TAKUNG ONLINE official announcement dinner held in Hong Kong

    July 2017

    TAKUNG UNIT A-tier platform artworks offered officially

    July 2017

    Entered into strategic cooperation with Huangshan Arts Association

    August 2017

    2017 summer strategic cooperation & business cooperation agreement signing ceremony held in Suzhou

    August 2017

    Entered into strategic cooperation with PNH Group to draw on resources for cooperation with top-tier European football clubs

    September 2017

    “Double quotes” young artists art exhibition held in Hangzhou

    September 2017

    Participated in the 11th (2017) annual Hangzhou Cultural & Creative Industry Expo upon invitation

  • 2016

    May 2016

    Contemporary Chinese Ink Painting Exhibition hosted in Silicon Valley, US

    September 2016

    Entered into strategic cooperation with Chinese Cultural Information Association Nan Hong Culture Professional Committee

    September 2016

    Cooperated with Ping An Bank as new payee’s bank

    December 2016

    Academic Exhibition of Zhong Zhengchuan’s Chinese Ink and Wash Paintings held at Ta Kung Pao, Hong Kong

  • 2015

    April 2015

    Listing ceremony of Tibetan porcelain “遗韵” held in Xi’ning.

    June 2015

    Roadshow for the ink and wash painting of ZHONG Zhengchuan held in Malaysia

    July 2015

    Takung (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. incorporated

    October 2015

    Entered into strategic corporation with Russian Artists Association in Moscow

    December 2015

    Entered into strategic corporation with Mongolian Artists Association

    December 2015

    Bank-enterprise direct connection launched through cooperation with Bank of China, Shanghai Free Trade Zone Branch

  • 2014

    July 2014

    Bank-security transfer launched through strategic cooperation with China Merchants Bank, Hong Kong Branch

    November 2014

    Listed in U.S., stock code: TKAT

  • 2013

    September 2013

    Opening ceremony held at Hong Kong World Trade Centre

    November 2013

    Roadshow for the first artwork “百博长卷” held at headquarters of Ta Kung Pao in Hong Kong

  • 2012

    September 2012

    Incorporated in Hong Kong