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TAKUNG UNIT  Trading in artwork units

Two or more traders share the ownership of the same artwork and artwork value in proportion to artwork units.  The joint owners may transfer all or part of the artwork units held by them.

On the trading platform of TAKUNG UNIT, valuable artworks are divided into units to effectively lower the capital threshold for entering the artwork investment market. Through T+0 trading model presented in online client trading terminal, artwork investors can do intraday trading and make mid to short-term investments or long-term investments in a fast and convenient manner to facilitate the speedy circulation of artworks and enhance market robustness.

The trading terminal of TAKUNG UNIT has achieved full coverage for PC and mobile devices by means of integrated use of high technology regardless of the geographical limitation in traditional artwork trading, realizing the aspiration of global investors for online participation in trading on a single platform.

TAKUNG UNIT+  Artwork unit trading through “real-time delivery”

Through the process design of the rules for artwork delivery on TAKUNG UNIT+, traders are able to apply for the delivery of the physical artworks held by them any time at their wish.

TAKUNG UNIT+ merges collection and investment to meet the needs of various groups of market participants.  Online client trading terminal not only provides an environment that offers ease and convenience to artwork investment, it also creates a novel and quick channel for trading physical collectibles.  TAKUNG UNIT+ enriches the types of listed artworks through trading and circulation of intangible cultural heritage items, handicrafts, or the derivative products of cultural, sports and tourism projects with collection value and appreciation potential.

TAKUNG ONLINE  Online artwork trading

It provides the best integration of the traditional artwork market and the Internet to develop an online channel for artwork display and circulation and offers a secure and convenient artwork trading solution to artists, collectors, artwork lovers and art business operators.

TAKUNG ONLINE is not simply a professional artwork trading platform, but also an explorer of life aesthetics – through professional and profound exploration of spatial aesthetics, artwork is placed into households to chart a new direction for artwork consumption.

TAKUNG ONLINE will also explore different types of life aesthetics including art, space, fashion, architecture, design, artefact and travel to establish an effective and convenient social platform as the living center for general artists and living artists.