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HongKong Takung Assets and Equity of Artworks Exchange Co. Ltd. (“Takung AE”) offers an international trading platform that provides advanced and convenient services for artists around the world through close contact and cooperation with cultural and artistic institutions of Hong Kong, mainland China, Southeast Asia and Europe and the United States; it provides exhibition, trading and distribution channels for outstanding works of art; it provides information communication, cultural exchange, project promotion service platform for the art traders; it also provides the art traders with various professional services, such as investment consultation, art promotion, art preservation, insurance, art trading and so on.

We are currently focusing on art unit trading. Artwork owners can sell outstanding artwork with the help of offering agents through our online electronic trading platform. Two or more traders can buy and jointly own such artwork. Joint owners may transfer all or part of their artwork units. By doing so, one can invest in high-end artwork with small amount of investments safely and conveniently.

We comply with the laws of Hong Kong to provide a safe investment environment for traders. Trading systems and disaster recovery system servers are set up in machine rooms in Hong Kong with highest security standards, through a sound and reliable network of banks, we have formed a safe and comprehensive trading, settlement and clearance system.

In cooperation with the Banks in Hong Kong, China, we have adopted an advanced approach to make the trading settlement funds run closed, which secures the safety of trader’s funds. Trader's funds will be deposited in a capital account with the Hong Kong branch of China Merchants Bank, and funds can be transferred and managed more conveniently and quickly through online banking.

On the basis of investment security, we also have continuous innovation to improve in the following aspects, so as to ensure that traders can always enjoy the "quality, efficient and exclusive" services:

Network electronic trading platform - To achieve the electronic, digital and online trading by using the computer information technology and Internet communication technology. There is no any geographical limit for the market participants, and they can complete the account opening, the transfer of funds and transactions through the Internet. Additionally, they can also check the real-time market trading and other important information.

The platform for integration of cultural elements - We focus on gathering the relevant professional institutions, cultural resources and social capital scattered around the whole world, fully integrating with the arts, the financial sector and other institutions to establish strategic cooperative relations, and combining with the features of no time and space constraints of network. All of above make the transfer of the works of art in the regional transactions into global transactions possible.

Trustworthy art trading platform – We provide a trading platform to the market participants to achieve the value of the conversion and to reduce the risk and cost of transactions through the circulation, and to accomplish the rationalization of the process and the disclosure of trading information. We also guard on the appraisal and assessment, insurance and custody, market transactions, exhibitions, price index, information data, theoretical research and other key processes.

Diversified Trading Mode - We have professionals from Hong Kong and Mainland China arts and finance sectors, and have an experienced team of Research and Development in the industry. In accordance with the continuous development of the market, the Company attaches importance to the updates and innovations of trading modes. Based on the scientific analysis on the traders and market segments, we aim to supply competitive and diversified products and services.

Flexible and secured trading system - According to the characteristics of art trading, we have designed different systems for different trading modes to help traders to amend the investment behavior in a timely manner and make fully rational use of the funds, based on the analysis and judgement on the market.

Recruiting artwork from the whole world - As a gathering place of Chinese and Western cultures, Hong Kong, together with London and New York are known as the world's three major art trading centers. There are nearly a hundred major domestic and international galleries and Sotheby's, Christie's and other international auction houses. The market there well accepts the culture, so we have an advantage in the circulation of works of art. We will solicit outstanding works of art from the world in Hong Kong to expand the horizons of globalization for market participants.

Advanced technology of trading system - Our trading system overall adopts the system of multi-level architecture and the equipment of dual standby hot machine system. Equipped with anti-crushing, anti-malicious orders, disaster recovery systems and intrusion detection equipment, we ensure the safe operation of the system without lossing data of users. The entire trading system can support multi-user online at the same time, and is at a leading level in terms of matching efficiency, number of transactions par day, amount of transactions per day and other capacities.