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Hong Kong Takung Art Company Limited (“Takung”) is an international online trading platform that provides state-of-the-art and convenient services for various types of artwork.  Incorporated in Hong Kong in 2012, Takung was listed and traded on OTCQB in the United States in 2014 in the name of Takung Art Co., Ltd, and was uplisted to New York Stock Exchange in 2017 (NYSE American: TKAT) as the world’s first online artwork trading platform that is listed on international capital market.

Capitalizing on the geographical advantages of Hong Kong as a world-class quality artwork cluster, entrepot and international financial center, Takung has close contact and cooperation with cultural and art organizations in Hong Kong, Mainland China, East Asia, Europe and the US to build up a world-class online artwork trading ecosystem.  Upholding the principle of “Art without borders”, Takung has attracted clients from major Chinese speaking regions all over the world, and is prepared to reach the European and the US markets.

With the business philosophy of “pursuit of strength and justice”, Takung has built up three major business systems, namely TAKUNG UNIT, TAKUNG ONLINE and TAKUNG EXHIBITION, to meet the needs of artwork creators, collectors, investors, consumers and operators at different levels as well as provide a channel for the display, exchange and circulation of artwork and intangible cultural heritage from different countries and regions.

Takung has accumulated abundant experience in developing and operating an online artwork trading system through continuous upgrading and improvement of in-house core technology; built up a stable and effective online trading platform through ongoing research of cutting-edge computer network technology as well as provide regulatory protection to capital security, system data and listed artworks through Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and audit institutions in the US and Hong Kong.

Leveraging on the advantages of the research and development of technological systems, big data information assets and the financing capability of the US capital market, Takung has made efforts in continuous improvement of the online artwork trading ecosystem and scaling new heights in the international artwork market for making contributions to the prosperity of the artwork market in Hong Kong and promoting Chinese culture.